Basic of python for beginners



What is python? 

Python is a multipurpose programming language. We can use python everywhere and anywhere where there is use of data.

Python is very begineer friendly language, it means it does not have any particular syntax to work with, trust me its way easier than c++ or java .

What makes Python a beginner friendly language where as c++ and java not?

This is because python is dynamically typed where as others are not, let me explain what is meant by dynamically typed , for now we can say dynamically typed language mean most of its time required for computation of code is during the run-time, where as in other languages like c++ and java they are static typed .Static type language is the language where the type checking is done during compile-time . 

In simple words we can say , we never determine type of object or variable in python , it automatically converts that where as in c++ or java we have various kind of variables and stuff.

To retain all this things lets just see program to print Hello world using python, c++.


Easy syntax comes at a very huge cost, this dynamic thing make python hell lot slow in compared to c++ or java. But There are some methods and libraries to increase speed of python we will discuss that later some time for now this is just introduction to python.


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