basics of Margin in CSS3

#1 In this section we are discussing about the Margin in CSS.

marginThe CSS margin properties are used to create space around elements, outside of any defined borders.

In Non-technical definition of margin we can say that margin is the area that is created outside of the borders in all four directions of content.

This direction includes top, right, bottom and left direction around the border.


In this image margin1 we can see that there is border around four sides of our content, lets talk about border some later time but for now we can see white area around our border from outside, which is the called margin .

By default margin is added to all four sides of the Content or we can say border of content, we can also specify that using code as follow


In above code snippet of addMargin, we can we are applying margin to our content in this case that is paragraph tag(p) , we are giving different margin to content .

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